FRC 2016

It started with two plastic bins and a box kit. It was a whirlwind First Robotics Competition (FRC) Robot build for three St. Dom’s students, Matt Roeser, Josh Fortin and Matt McLean, during the week of winter vacation.

They worked two 12 hour days, Thursday and Friday, and finished up on Saturday after another 6 hours. The three students have a working robot that runs well; it also has a motor and wheel driven intake in which they can collect and shoot their ball for the competition.

“We owe a huge thanks to the Delta Prime team of Hallowell,” said Randall Roeser of HYDAC. “A few of their students assisted with the mechanical, electrical and programing of the robot. They also gave us extra mini wheels, speed controls and motors.”

HYDAC is an international company that specializes in hydraulics, systems and fluid engineering. Matt, Josh and Matt had three to four mentors with various ranges of design and manufacturing experience, all of whom were gracious and willing to assist. Mentors commented that they were very impressed with the focus and hard-work of the three students. The three students did a large majority of the build. Randal Roeser helped keep the boys focused on the wide range of tasks required. After a little training, the students were able to do all of the cutting, drilling and milling of the aluminum bar, brackets, etc. Matt, Josh and Matt will participate in two up-coming competitions. One at the Providence Career and Technology Academy in Rhode Island (March 24-26) and Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston (April 7-9). The boys will also attend the FRC competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) on Saturday, Mar. 12.

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